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Not all tickets will have an associated image.*
Images, if any, will be posted 72 hours after a ticket is issued and only DPW-issued tickets will have associated images.
Images will be posted for no more than 90 days. The DC Department of Motor Vehicles allows you to pay parking tickets online:

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A picture is worth a thousand words, so the Department of Public Works is posting images of parking tickets and the violations that led to tickets being issued by DPW. The images are being posted so motorists will better understand why tickets are issued. To see the image(s), enter the ticket number, select the state where the vehicle is registered, then enter the license plate number of the vehicle issued the ticket. (The program is not case-sensitive.) Then click "Search".

* Images will not be posted for the following violations:

o P017 Excessive idling o P033 Meter, deposit 2nd coin
o P034 Meter, fail to deposit coin o P037 Overtime at meter
o P076 ROSA (register out-of-state automobile) warning o P077 Motor run unattended
o P159 No parking/No standing AM rush o P161 Snow regulation
o P172 Fail to secure DC Tags or reciprocity sticker o P218 Ballpark event meter overtime
o P239 Expired meter handicap o P259 No parking/No standing PM rush
o P287 Overtime in meter loading zone o P386 Relocation tow